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Standard Grab Bar Wingit
for a 2x4 Stud Wall
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Reverse Grab Bar Wingit
for a 2x3 Stud Wall
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Bathroom Accessory Wingit
Generic Commerical Wingit
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Pinnacle Innovations® introduced the WingIt™ grab bar blind fastening system. The WingIt™ is the only fastening system that can install directly into the wall board, not needing an attachment to the structural support, and surpass the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and all building code requirements. The adjoining pictures show an ASTM F-462 approved grab bar bending under immense load while the WingIt™ is not effected.

The WingIt™ grab bar fastening system allows for the installation of grab bars in all commercial building wall substrates in ten to fifteen minutes. Drill two holes per standard grab bar and install the WingIts™. There are no special tools or skills required.

The Grab Bar begins to bend as more than
800 pounds of force is applied 3 Inches off
the wall surface. The WingIts and wall are
not affected.

The WingIt™ exceeds all building code and ADA specifications.  

Back view of Grab Bar installed
with two WingIts in a sample

The WingIt™ can reduce the cost of retrofitting a grab bar up to 70% while allowing for freedom of placement in both new and existing construction. Dry wall, tile, and acrylic or fiberglass tub surrounds are some of the walls that the WingIt™ can be utilized.

Picture - Two WingIts™ installed into a wall substrate consisting of builder grade wall tile adhered to 5/8" drywall. The ASTM F-462 approved grab bar is bending under a load of more than 800 pounds. The WingIt™ grab bar fastening system is not affected and has not damaged the wall.

Reduces costs of retrofitting grab bars: Installing a standard grab bar with structural reinforcement is a multiple day operation, with an average cost of $537 according to the Industry/Labor Council. Installing the same grab bar with two WingIts™ will take twenty minutes and reduce the total cost by 70%.

Installs in hollow walls in twenty minutes

1. The ONLY blind fastener capable of exceeding the load requirements for ANSI and ADA Grab Bar Installations without interacting with the wall structure or studs!

2. Eliminates the need to tear apart existing walls or create structural reinforcements.

3. Exceeds weight criteria for commercial construction throughout AMERICA including drywall, drywall with tub surrounds, and all types of board used with tile.

4. Grab bar installation can now happen anytime during the construction process. No blocking or reinforcing required

Fully building code compliant: the WingIts™ grab bar fastening system exceeds all applicable federal regulations and national building codes. WingIts meet all the requirements and guidelines of the ADA, (Sec. 4.26), F446-85, BOCA, the Fair Housing Act, the ICC, and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Verified by independent testing at the NAHB Research Center (ASTM F446-85) . Attendees at a recent series of testing at the NAHB Research Center included Building Owners and Management Association International (BOMA), government officials from HUD and the Access Board, consultants to the DOJ and American Hotel &Motel Association (AH&MA).

Use in all types of walls: WingIts™ minimize torque and utilize dramatic force efficiencies inherent in the patented technology. WingIts™ can extract adequate stability from 5/8" drywall to exceed the structural requirements of grab bars, without needing to interact with the framing members.

Complete integration with the wall: when installed, the WingIts become part of the wall structure. Grab bars can be installed and removed at will without affecting the integrity of the WingIts fastening system. The WingIts™ become a structure onto themselves -- once installed, that area of the wall is actually structurally superior to the rest of the wall.

Freedom of design: WingIts™ allow for grab bar installation to occur at any time during the building process. Architectural changes or lack of communication between the building trades will not affect the grab bar installation process. There is not any reinforcement to miss, installation of the WingIts™ can be done after the bathroom fixturing has been set.

Structurally Sound: WingIts™ are made in the United States from high quality stainless steel. When properly installed the WingIts™ system will not damage wall tile, tub surrounds or other wall substrates and has been designed to last for many years.